26 November, 2010

Dancer in the Dark : Bjork - I've seen it all

Placebo - Twenty Years

ding ding here is the thing

I'm #mute. yeahh shit happens, banned from #facebook, living on the f-list and I kindly ask u to compose music to my #video, #publish it on any #possible #streaming #media, #send #link to info@fairyboy.eu and this is it. no one win, no one lose. have fun. [hey it's totally #free, with no dead-lines, on #open #source, #creative #commons #license, because we love to share and we got all time in the #WORLD]

yeahh yeahh click the link download it, recycle it, compose sth, make some noise, out stand from the crowd
power us

i guess i can take ya to all those places next year ;) so'd better #work out 4 #Iceland 2011. here we comes ;) #maybe #without nr1 in #Eurovision but #thor knows how we love #Scandinavia.


09 November, 2010

Action Disco! Happy Bday PL. War is Over!

Action Disco! Happy Bday PL. War is Over!
NWS, start: 10 p.m.
Nowy Świat 63

w programie:
wszystko od Peaches do Lady Gaga, od Pet Shop Boys po Visage. Od Nuclear Family po Bjrok,Fever Ray, David Bowie i Placebo. Wrong wrong wrong DM. We know it's a fucken political ! Free urself from the mess!

Od polityki organ nie staje. Wybierz Action Disco!. Jeśli należysz do jednej z poniższych grup o organiczonej swobodzie obywatelskiej dołącz do nas

*post or anti-gender
*stare panny feministki (strasznie brzydkie),
*criminal queers
*radical faeries
*wróżki i magowie

we will rock the Nazi !

The Big C Trailer

EC Żerań, Photoday 6.0